Friday, October 31, 2014

How to Use Follow Up Emails to Close Cold Prospects

TickleTrain Allow You to Follow Up on Every Lead

How Can You Follow Up on Every Lead?

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, at some point, after developing a nice dialog with a potential client, suddenly the discussion seems to end cold. No matter what’s said, or how many times you call or email, there is no response. What once seemed like a blossoming discussion, someone so interested in you and your business, has fallen off the radar. So what’s a sales person to do?
The reason the discussion ended is not important, all you want to know is if this lead will come back and the discussion continue or not. Should I move on or stay the course? To arrive at that decision you should consider the “last ditch email.” It’s an email designed to find out whether silence means “no” or if something else happened and things are just on hold for a bit. You can use an email like this after your emails are no longer getting the dialog going. If you are using an email follow up service, this could be the last one or two emails in the drip series. 
You are not alone if you lack the time and perseverance to follow-up on every lead. It’s hard, if not impossible. Are you guessing what leads that you should focus on why the other leads face away? If you are, you're missing a huge opportunity. Let’s face it some leads are cold from the beginning and stay cold, but others start out that way and turn into great customers. How can you know which leads will "warm up" from the leads that will "stay cold?" It's way to hard to figure out. If there were some way of automating your leads process, you could use that automation to slowly convert your cold leads into brand new customers. 

TickleTrain Automates Your Leads

This is why TickleTrain is your answer.TickleTrain automates your email with "drip marketing." What happens is that your leads get consistent email from you, appears as if you spent the time to type out each email to them yourself. These consistent emails keep pushing your leads through the sales cycle without being a bothering nuisance. And when they are ready to purchase, the top-of-mind awareness you’ve created and your diligent communications, will make the recipient think of you first and at the same time make them feel important. You're cold leads will turn from warm leads into paying customers, over and over.

It's Easy To Use

TickleTrain is not a complicated. In fact, there’s hardly anything to learn. And, the good news is that TickleTrain fully integrates with any email client out there. So, how does TickleTrain work? Simply sign up for the service. After that, whenever you place a special email address in the BCC field of your email client, TickleTrain will start working. TickleTrain comes with pre loaded "Tickles". A Tickle is a special email address adorned with powers granted to you by TickleTrain. These Tickles are what creates your drip email campaign and sets TickleTrain in motion. You just place the special email address in the BCC field and send your email. When TickleTrain receives it, it goes to work.

How to Use TickleTrain to Send out Personalized Emails

You can do much more with TickleTrain then send out pre-loaded Tickle. Use them again and again!. The personalization tool easily incorporates a name, giving your email a personal touch. Plus, every email from TickleTrain look like came directly from you...what's more...any reply comes back to your email inbox. Even though the TickleTrain process is automated, the email message itself corresponds to your email discussion and incorporates your contact's name into the email.

Try TickleTrain For Free

Try TickleTrain for free, right here and now. With TickleTrain in action, you'll be boosting your sales and productivity, making tons more sales, turning cold leads into warm leads, and improving your ROI. Visit our now and sign up for the free Blue Line plan. With this program, you'll be able to test out TickleTrain with 10 free campaigns, endless and unlimited tickles, branding, and gmail/chrome plugins. Are you ready to experience drip marketing automation? Try TickleTrain now and get your emails on drip marketing autopilot.